7 Easy Tips to Get Whiter Teeth

There are countless benefits on having whiter, shinier teeth! It makes for an unforgettable first impression, makes you look younger and the confidence boost is priceless. Here are some tips and tricks that will help your teeth whiter and your smile brighter!

1. The color of your food is important.

It’s time to lessen and cut back on heavily colored drinks such as coffee, cola, black tea and red wine. These drink not only stains the teeth but also weakens them overtime. Best to use a straw while drinking them to lessen their impact.

2. Relationships between food and teeth

The same also applies here, try to avoid or eat only rarely certain foods that are strongly linked to discoloration. Ketchup, soy sauce and most acidic foods and drink all are linked to discoloration and weaker teeth. Instead, nuts and whole grains, fruits and vegetables and just plain water will surely have a positive effect on not only the teeth but on your whole body as well

Many fruit juices, especially freshly squeezed ones, contains fruit acids which can be harmful for your enamel especially if you have sensitive teeth. Please brush or rinse your mouth right after you have had these drinks.

Bacteria thrives on sugar. Soda and packaged juiced drinks often contain copious amounts of sugar which is detrimental to your teeth. Candies also create an environment for bacteria to thrive, so avoid most of these sweet treats. Dark chocolate is less dangerous because they contain significant amount of cacao beans that actually help fight bacteria, just be aware of the sugar content. The same goes for hard cheeses, they have unique bacteria fighting ingredients especially for the teeth and have good amounts of calcium for bones. It’s not only good for the body, but also tastes great!

Spicy foods interestingly can also be great for your teeth because spices helps you to “salivate” which helps wash out food debris around your teeth. Salvia also has antibacterial properties that will help teeth.

“Another quick and easy tip to keep your teeth white is to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after each meal.”

3. Brush your teeth regularly.

It might sound obvious but let us explain. One of, if not MOST of, the reasons of all teeth problems and stains is bacteria. First and foremost in oral care has always and will always be brushing– brush them regularly. I had an friend in college who had the most pearliest, perfect white teeth in the world. One day I gathered the courage to come up to her and ask her how. She said it was very simple, she just brushed every single meal, which can means 4 to 6 times a day with the most gentle toothpaste she can find. For this, the Brilliant Smile Whitening Evo toothpaste is a great tool in your arsenal, it’s gentle nature means you can consistently use it. The toothpaste prevents and clean discoloration from your teeth and offers protection from cavities, plaque and sensitivity. It’s is a great and simple way to keep our teeth white! As per scientific research: the enamel of your teeth is softened by the acids in your mouth every after meal, this is why it’s recommended to wait at least 30 minutes (after your meal) before brushing your teeth.

If the opportunity and time offers that you can brush more than twice a day (every after meal) go for it! Another quick and easy tip to keep your teeth white is to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after each meal.

4. Brush your teeth properly.

Avoid brushing too hard as to not damage the enamel.

Try spending two minutes at least in brushing your teeth, it is recommended by dentists everywhere. While it might not sound that long, it is actually pretty hard to do especially if you’ve been brushing differently and quickly all your life. But stick with it, put a timer in your phone and make it a habit. Brush it softly, using short circular motions and don’t forget to reach in between your teeth. Also brush your tongue for 30 seconds if possible. Also remember to floss at least once a day!

5. Baking soda for white teeth.

While baking soda has been a long used DIY remedy, propagated mostly through internet, it’s not an everyday solution…especially for people who have sensitive teeth. If you must, it is suggested to squeeze your normal toothpaste size and sprinkle a small amount of baking soda and brushing as normal. You can brush with baking soda alone but mixing it with toothpaste is much more comfortable. Ultimately, baking soda can damage teeth especially with frequent use, so be careful to use it in a pinch. We would recommend consulting your dentist before you start doing any DIY solutions.

6. The most logical solution? Get a whitening kit or better yet, save time and get a whitening session in The Smile Bar – Manila!

There is a multitude of whitening solutions in the market, the more choices the better for the consumer is what we always believe in. However, none is as effective as our Evo Strips and our Evo toothpaste…coupled with routine sessions at the Smile Bar, which is effective and scientifically sound, you’re actually saving time and money rather than having to choose solutions that aren’t even effective.

7. It’s Important to know that diet is linked not just to teeth health but overall body health.

For example calcium can only be absorbed into our body with the synthesization of vitamin D.. So, let’s start to care about our beauty and body and not just our white teeth from within by eating healthy and feeling happy!